Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shrinkx Hips

So i saw this yesterday while waiting at the doctors office and went out and bought one.  It makes sense to me although part of me wonders if I just got tricked into buying one of those fake things they usually sell on infomercials.

It claims that you can use the same hormone you body uses to expand your hips to shrink them back up.

"During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin allows pelvic joints and ligaments to soften and expand so baby can pass through the birth canal.  Relaxin stays in your system up to 8 weeks after delivery and that's where your once in a lifetime opportunity to narrow your hips comes in.  Wearing Shrinkx Hips during those first 8 weeks provides constant, even pressure to gently guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy position, or smaller!"

I hope it works.  It is not supposed to help you loose weight or hold the extra skin in like other products it is actually supposed to guide your hips back together.   i just thought it was cool and thought I would share because I know a couple pregnant women who might be interested.  It will be hard to know if it actually works because you can't know how much your body would have gone back by itself and how much of it is because of the band.


DerrK said...

Like you need help looking smaller after a pregnancy. lol This belt actually looks like something I purchased to wear pregnant to help support the underneath of my belly. Maybe next kid I will use it to shrink my hips. Goodluck!

Rachel said...

You're definitely gonna have to do a follow up on this one! I'm curious!