Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kids and the Baby

We are all getting pretty excited for the baby to come even the kids.  Tucker was asking earlier when the baby was going to come out and I told him that the baby has to get bigger first so she can live outside of mommy.  Penelope has gotten a hold of two pacifiers and is all of the sudden attached to them.  She did use one when she was a baby but she started to refuse them at about 4 months.  So I thought it was strange seeing her walk around with one and cry when i took it away.  They are now hiding from her.  I am worried she is going to take them from the baby.  

i really think Tucker is going to be great with the baby.  he is very excited.  Penelope on the other hand I am worried about.  she loves babies but if i ever have someone else on my lap she freaks out.  She can't stand it when I hold tucker.  She even gets upset when i am reading and not paying attention to her.  She will try to put her face in between me and the book and then sit on my lap.  This baby is going to change a lot of things for her but hopefully it wont take too long for her to realize I can be with other kids too.
I have a doctor's appointment today and I am kind of excited because I haven't been for a couple of months.  I really should have gone when i got back from japan early but I just kept my original appointment.  We were supposed to get back from Japan last Friday.  I haven't gotten out the baby stuff yet but Bob and I did buy a new car seat yesterday.  I think after this Easter weekend we will get more serious about getting ready.

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