Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angry Penelope

Penelope loves Scarlett, but we have been able to see a large change in her personality since Scarlett was born.  Penelope is much more grumpy and angry all the time.  The first month after Scarletts birth especially.  Now she is getting back to her normal self although she has picked up the habit of hitting.  Mostly she just hits Tucker.  And half the time she does it she is just playing. Tucker always tells on her which is really annoying and penelope will just keep doing it.  Since her hits don't actually hurt anyone they are kind of funny to watch.  I have to try hard not to snicker when she hits because she is so little.

I know this seems bad, but I really wanted to get a video of her hitting.  Tucker and i had to provoke her and get her mad on purpose.  I felt bad when she started to cry but she will appreciate it when she is older and sees how cute she was. 

I love the part when she runs at Tucker and tries to push him only to follow that by trying to hit him in the face but totally missing and then trying again.

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