Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magnetic Family Home Evening Board Tutorial

While bob was away at scout camp I spent a lot of my time working on making a Family Home Evening Board.  This one has a magnetic strip and it is one of the only one's I've seen without vinyl.  This is a very easy project that I am sure anyone can do.

Materials needed: 
91/2 by 24 piece of wood
small trim
wood glue
sand paper
spray paint
craft paint
magnetic strip
clear glue
1) Get a 91/2 by 24inch piece of wood.  I used MDF but anything would work.  I then bought trim at Michaels and had Bob cut the corners it at 45degree angels before he left.  After that just used a wood glue to glue the trim on.  I first tried to nail it on but that cracked the trim.  The glue worked better.

2) Spray paint the board any color you like.

3) Sand the edges to give it an antique look.

This is the part where if you want to use vinyl you put it on.  I didn't want vinyl because I didn't have it and because I wanted to give it a more rustic look.

4) Find a font you like and print the words on the computer in the right size to fit the board.  This might take  a little trial and error to get the size right.  Next cut out the words and arranged them on the board.  Then color on the back of the paper with chalk and then put them back down and draw with a pen over the outline of the font making the chalk rub off onto the board.

5) After that take the paper off and paint inside the chalk lines.
6) Screw the magnetic strip on.  I bought mine at Ikea.

7) Make marble magnets useing family pictures.  I used the silhouettes I made the other day.
And who-la, you're done!
I put little pictures next to the words so the kids will know what their job is even though they can't read.  I actually need to draw the arms on my prayer guys and fix a spot next to the word lesson.
I love how I can just move the magnets around and there is nothing hanging off the board.  I can't wait to use it on Monday.


Voices of the Graves said...

That turned out really nice. You're so crafty.

DerrK said...

That's cute! You did a great job.