Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bowling with Friends

For FHE last night we got together with a few friends and went bowling.  The  kids loved it and Scarlett even did better than i thought she would.  Tucker got a little crazy and Penelope wasn't all that interested in bowling but that is to be expected.
I thought the occasion warranted special socks.  although I started to regret it because they got really hot toward the end.
PennyBags was tucker and Penelope.  That is the latest rap song they have been singing.  Don't worry, there is no swearing or bad language in it.  I'm D Swift and Bob was Bob.  I think my score this time was lower than PennyBags :-(.  I did manage to get one strike!  That was during our extra combined game at the end.  All five of us bowled on the same game and we totaled a score of 125.  I think Denise and Mike did really good on their games.
Sometimes the kids used the bowling ramp thing.  But I think Tucker preferred to just chuck it down the lane as hard as he could and Penelope didn't really care either way.
As far as I can tell this is the lineup starting at the left:
Audrey, Leighton, Samantha??, Tucker, Laura??, and Penelope
We had a good time and I am glad Tucker and Penelope have friends to play with.  Thanks for inviting us!

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Michael and Denise said...

Glad you could come on such short notice. And you got the girls right.