Monday, August 29, 2011

I got to do another little photo session in my backyard; this time with Kenton.  Kenton is a smiley little six month old with adorable curly hair.  Like many babies at this age he is a mommas boy, but we were also able to get a few big smiles out of him because of Grandma and Sister.  Thanks for letting me take your pictures Kenton.

I love taking pictures for people.  It is something I really enjoy and when we do it in my backyard like we did this time it is really easy at not stressful for me at all.  Don't get me wrong, I love to take pictures anywhere.  But this time we were able to do it while Scarlett was sleeping and because we were at my house Tucker and Penelope didn't need my attention too much leaving me free to take pics.

I already have two more people who want me to take pictures for them and i am so excited to get some more practice in.  So if you know anyone who wants pictures taken let me know and i'll be there in a flash ;-).


Lorraine Butler said...

You do such a great job, Doranda.

Linda said...

I second Lorraine's comment. The photos of Tori and Adam are just wonderful. You have a great "eye".