Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work Picnic and Reception

Saturday was pretty busy for us.  Tucker started out by going to a birthday party.  We had to pick him up a little early to head over to a work family day picnic.  I like getting a chance to see all the people Bob works with.  He talks about many of them so much I could just figure out who some of them were before he even told me.  Others, looked completely different than I had imagined.  I joked around with bob about how his 'worlds were colliding.'  If you don't know what I am talking about, it is a Sinfield joke.
 Even though I didn't take it, I love this picture of Tucker.  look at that face of determination.
We played a few minute to win it games.  I actually held Scarlett because she was being really fussy.  So Bob and Tucker played some games.
Along with the toilet paper one, Tucker did another cute one called nose dive.  It involves sticking cotton balls on your nose.

After the picnic we started making our way down to Puyallup.  It took a long time because we stopped for about an hour at the Guitar Center in Tacoma.  We also made a quick trip to REI, and I went into Ross because I was bored at Guitar Center.

It was nice to see an old friend at the reception.  I wish I could have taken a picture.  I am finding it hard to take pictures when we go places.  It is just hard to carry a camera around when I usually have a baby in one arm and Penelope's hand in the other.
Both kids feel asleep on the drive home, actually all three. It was a long day.

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