Friday, September 30, 2011


I wasn't sure what to write about today so I thought I would just post this.
Scarlett was actually supposed to be sleeping for the picture so we could pretend she was dreaming about being in space.  I couldn't get the blanket off of her without waking her up.  And then turning the lights on didn't help either.  I might try it again sometime.  I have seen this before but I forgot about it until I saw Sarah's blog.  I really hope she doesn't mind that I got the idea from her.  I get a lot of ideas from her.  I really want to try this one Princess and the Pea idea.  Maybe I will do it today during nap time.  That certainly would be more productive than laying on the couch like I had planned on doing.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Sarah said...

Being in space is a cute one! I tried to do one with Parker as superman flying above buildings at night but he started to wake up and I felt bad. It's definitely easier with the babies!

DerrK said...

It makes me laugh. Fun idea!