Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumkin Patch fun

The pumpkin patch had a lot of activities for the kids.  They had a tricycle riding area, a hay pile to climb, hay to jump in, animals and a hale bale maze.
This maze was the perfect size for Tucker and Penelope.
I think this is my favorite family picture if only Scarlett was looking.
 Tucker found a pumpkin he liked.
We even did a corn maze shaped like a dragon.  We let tucker pick which way to go and he took us to the first 5 stops without getting lost.  He did pretty good.  After 5 we went to 8 and and had to go back and find 6 and 7.  They also had a cute thing for the kids to find and trace the animal tracks and then at the end identify which animal they belonged to.
Tucker like usual asked if we can go back.  I told him we can in a year!

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