Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to be a Ninja

Things have been going well here lately.  Once Halloween is over it seems like everything is so busy until after New years.  I kinda want to get out Christmas decorations and start listening to Christmas music already but I am holding myself off until after Thanksgiving.  With all the cold weather the kids and I have just been hanging out inside coming up with things to do here.  such as pinterest.  I spend lots of time on pinterest. Hot chocolate has become almost a daily staple for me usually because I get so cold from the ice cream I need to follow it with something hot..  I eat a lot of snacks when the kids are napping.  Bob has been trying to eat healthier and so I feel bad eating yummy junk food in front of him and that basically just leaves nap time for me to gorge.  I lost two pounds this past week just out of guilt form eating in front of Bob.  This rambling has kinda taken a strange turn so I am just going to stop.

Here are two videos I took of Tucker the other day.  I am thinking about doing a little series of videos titled "how to be a ninja" where Tucker will teach everyone how to be a ninja.

And yes, I do have sheets hanging up in my living room.  I was taking pictures right before the video but the light wasn't cooperating with me.

Have a good Thursday!

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