Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amped UP Teasing Brush Review

I love my teasing brush!  It beats any teasing comb no contest.  I first got it from my sister's hair salon just over a year ago and teasing my hair has been a breeze ever since.  I have the ampedUP by cricket in pink and I know it comes in other colors too.  One of the best things about it is that it only cost $4.95.
The brush has three rows of bristles and groupings of bristles in each row.  The middle row is longer which I think helps to grab the hair while teasing.  The brush also features a pointy end that makes separating and parting your hair much easier.  There is also a different size brush that is twice as fat but I have never used that one.
I like to tease my hair just a little on the sides when my hair is straight.  It gives my hair a fuller look.  This is great for people with fine or thin hair, not that my hair is fine or thin.  Teasing also works well to add any kind of poof when putting your hair up.  I even tease for a pony tail or side braid.  I probably use this almost everyday I actually take the time to 'do' my hair.  It doesn't need to be big and crazy, I just take a couple seconds and it really ads a lot to the look of my hair.
To tease your hair just pick up a chunk on the side or back, where ever you want to add a little oomph and hold the hair straight up.  Then take the brush in the other hand and back comb.  In other words start with the brush in the middle of the hair and bring it down toward your head.  It is that easy!

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