Friday, February 24, 2012

Penelope Prays

Penelope is so cute when she gets ready for prayers.  She squeezes her eyes closed so hard it is really adorable.
Tucker never did this.  He just didn't ever close his eyes until he was old enough to do it normally.  He was probably at least 3.  Every time we told him to close his eyes he would say that he couldn't.
Here they are being cute at the dinner table.
Penelope's prayers can be pretty funny sometimes.  I am usually the first one to break down and start cracking up in the middle of the prayer.  Tucker also laughs pretty hard.  I think Bob gets frustrated that we aren't being reverent.  Sometimes she just uses this really deep man type voice.  Picture her with a cookie monster type voice saying "Dear Heavenly Father."  It is also funny when she repeats a couple lines and then just starts saying amen after everything you say because she wants to be finished.  Most recently she will start the prayer by herself and than pretty much shout 'Whats Next?' after the first line.  Something like, 
Penelope:"dear Heavenly Father, WHATS NEXT?" 
me whispering: "Bless Daddy" 
Penelope: "Bless Daddy. WHATS NEXT?"
me: Bless Tucker
Penelope: "Bless Tucker. WHATS NEXT?"
and on and on 

Happy Friday!

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Charlotte said...

They are seriously adorable! I love looking at all your pictures! You do such an awesome job and they always look so stinking cute!