Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ghost Hunting

Saturday night Bob and I went out on a date.  Bob's parents were here visiting and were nice enough to let us go out alone.  I had grabbed a flyer the day before for a ghost hunting tour and I really wanted to go.  I'm not sure why, it just sounded fun.  I don't even know what I believe about ghosts, but I do think the show ghost hunters is scary.  Anyway, it took some convincing to get Bob to go but he finally agreed.  

We left 30 minutes early which should have gotten us there about 10-15 minutes early but it didn't quite work out that way.  We quickly stopped at the store and got cash and ran back to the car.  Still on schedule, but when we got to the mile long bridge it was bumper to bumper.  There was an accident.  I stressfully sat in the car watching the gps say we were going to arrive later and later.  We both thought we weren't going to make it.  Luckily we arrived just after the tour started and we were able to catch them and join in.  
The guy who lead the tour wasn't trying to be scary or spook us, he just mater-of-factly took us around for about an hour and told us about his and other's ghost sightings in the area.  He really didn't seem to care if we believed him or not and he just stated things like they were facts.  Here is a link to his website.
Above is a picture of the famous Whaley House.  There has been many sightings here and it is where our guide saw his first two apparitions.  A lot of creepy things have happened here, including it being the town hanging spot.  Also there was a documented police report of the police talking to a girl on the second story of the house and then she just disappeared into thin air.
We walked to what looked like a small graveyard.  The guide said he has never seen or heard of any paranormal activity here.  But one of the other people in the group told a story about the little girl grave.  It is said that if you leave her a toy she will follow you around and try to hold your hand.
 After walking around and seeing about 40 graves, the guide told us that there are really about 400.  Most of them got paved over in the street and are in the graveyard but without headstones.  The city later went back and put these half dollar size grave markers.  I took a picture of one that was on the sidewalk.
Then we walked back to the Whaley House and Bob volunteered me to find the vortex. I got to hold the machine and walk until it started beeping and flashing.  It was a large one, and it is usually there.  He explained the machine and also how a vortex is where the ghosts can travel into this world.  Then we all went into the vortex, put our hands out in front of us, and tried to feel it.  At first I really did feel a tingling on my hands.  He said you also might feel pulsing or heat.  I did feel it, but I am not sure that I wouldn't feel tingling if I put my hands up in front of me right now.
After this we walked back and he brought out his huge tv and showed us pictures, videos, and sound recordings.  This is when I started to get freaked out.  The pictures just had circles on them that he said were energy balls.  The video was a little scary.  He filmed it with a normal camera and a infrared.  The normal didn't pick up anything, but the infrared picked up this blob moving through the park and then lay down on the cannon, then it floated up into the air and disappeared. Infrared detected heat, and the blob was a much colder color than any living thing.  The scariest thing for me was the audios.  He put a recorder in several spots that are reported haunted and left it there, watching it for several hours.  On a few of them he played for us what at first sounds like a loud breeze.  But the more we listened to it it actually sounded like the ghosts were saying things.  One said "leave" and that one scared me.  Another one said "no more fireworks" right after the guy said it into the microphone, he things the ghost was mimicking him.  Just thinking about it now is giving me the chills.

Anyway, I am not sure what was real and what wasn't.  But I do believe there are spirits all around us, whether they can show themselves and haunt us I don't know.  I do believe that there is no doubt in the guides mind that ghosts are real.  What do you think?


Bob said...

I think that I pick up a lot of "noise" when I record music. The neighbors, the heating. If the mic is on and turned up I can hear a whole lot more with the headphones than my normal ears. I think we were hearing echos from him, or another person. Voice bouncing of walls. I don't really have an explanation for the blob though. I am working on that. I don't know much about infared, and how cold a black blob is.

Mary-Anne said...

That looks so cool. I totally believe in ghosts, or "spirits" good and bad, that are all around us. I don't know about the talking thing...but I definitely believe they're around us all the time. That tour looks awesome. Was it in Seattle? I'll have to get more details from you about it.

Doranda said...

This was in Old Town San Diego but I know they do them in Seattle and since this was so fun I want to go do another.

DerrK said...

I do believe that their our spirits around us. I talk myself out of the spirits haunting. So no don't believe in that. :) There was a tour, Dave wanted to take, in Scotland. Ha yea, turned that one down.