Friday, March 15, 2013

Hospital Visit!

For those of you who have been following you might have noticed that I have been sick a lot.  It seems like I have been sick more times during this pregnancy than the rest of my life.  First I had morning sickness that was worse than anything I ever dealt with, then I got some sort of virus and started having tons of anxiety issues from there.  I got the never ending cough and a separate cold.  I blame some of these on Tucker because he is exposed to so many more people at school and this is our first year dealing with that.  Anyway, yesterday I was hospitalized for the second time during the pregancy, but this time for some sort of stomach bug.

Bob had it on Monday and it was pretty bad.  I tried so hard not to get it.  He stayed in the bedroom the entire time and sanitized the house a ton, not to mention endless hand washing.  I even slept on the couch I really didn't want to get what he had.  Unfortunately I woke up at about 3am Wednesday morning throwing up.  I had it bad and the doctor wanted me to go to the hospital to get an iv because I wasn't able to keep any liquids down.  So Bob took off work and I spent the day in the hospital.  Good news is that Thursday morning I was already feeling much better.  And Bob took off again, making it the fourth day in a row, so I can still rest.  I bet people at his work think I had the baby.  On a side note, congrats to my brother and sister-in-law who were in the hospital (different hospital)  the same time as me but actually did have their baby!  

Hopefully next week I can have a much more pleasant hospital visit and have my baby. And by more pleasant I mean I am not throwing up everywhere and almost passing out.   I know having a baby going to be hard!  I'm shooting for Wednesday, the first day of Spring.


Anonymous said...

This stomach bug is really bad and so far not hit my family. I am glad you are feeling better and that DH was able to stay home. Hope you can have a peaceful week before baby's arrival.

Mary-Anne said...

I'm so sorry. This pregnancy I was sick more than ever too. It makes it SO much harder! I hope your baby comes on Wednesday! So fun. Good luck! Can't wait to hear!