Friday, April 4, 2014

April Fools Day

I didn't put much thought beforehand into April fools day this year.  I like to prank the kids and bob...anyone really, but honestly I forgot about it until it was too late.  So instead I just lied to the kids all day and then shouted April fools afterwards.  Example, "What are you guys doing out of bed? it isn't time to get up?" (Penelope makes a confused face and Scarlett starts crying)  "APRIL FOOLS!"  Then everyone laughs.  They quickly learned not to believe me all day.  And they got the hang of making up their own stuff too.

My real trick was actually on a friend.  I'm dog sitting her puppy this week while she is out of town.  So I text her that the dog got out and I can't find her.  I thought she would just call me and ask questions so when she called I said April fools! She was like "are you serious? I just called my husband and he is on his way over from work."  It was pretty funny.  And she was able to call him back before he got to his car.

For dinner I made the kids grilled cheese and for dessert cupcakes.

The grilled cheese turned out great.  The bread is actually a sliced and toasted angle food cake and the cheese is frosting.  I thought it looked good.  But it didn't fool the kids.
My meatloaf cupcakes were rushed and didn't look that amazing.  The frosting is mashed potatoes.  I was surprised because Scarlett and Penelope ate their cupcakes without complaining that they didn't taste like cupcakes.  And Tucker refused to eat his saying it was gross even though last time I made meatloaf he kept talking about how good it was.

Maybe next year I will put more effort into my pranks.

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