Thursday, July 24, 2014

Piano Lessons

I just finished my piano lessons!  I've been working hard on it since September and am really excited at all that I accomplished.  I know I am not to the level that I want to be, but I am excited that I finished and wanted to commemorate by posting about it.

Every friday morning since September I went over to Jessica's house for my lesson.  She is a great teacher and the kids always wanted to go play at her house.  I'm going to miss our weekly visits.

I just finished "Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book 2."  Now I know the basics and all I have to do is keep practicing.  My goal was to be able to play the hymns and primary songs in church comfortably.  I am not there yet, but maybe in a couple years.  I also wanted to be able to teach my own kids the piano, which I feel like I can do now and will probably get working on.  I know I messed up a few times in these but I really didn't have time to record them again and again until they were perfect.  So you get the idea.  Here are my favorite songs form the book.

Here is "Habanera"

This is the "Mexican Clapping Song"

Here is "Morning"

And "Funciculi, Funicula"


DerrK said...

Good for you. You'll be playing the piano in church in no time. :)

Gayle Daly said...

Doranda - Super great!!! Keep it up. It is wonderful you set that goal and were able to stick with it. Don't get discouraged if it's a little rough when you first start playing in church. It takes some getting used to playing for people to sing. Stick with it .... people are very patient and appreciate having a pianist. The church needs more pianists!! Good for you.

Mary-Anne said...

Good job! I'm impressed! And don't worry...I took piano lessons for 10 years and still can't play all the hymns or primary songs. Some of them are hard!

Lorraine Butler said...

Way to go!! You're inspiring! Stay with it.