Thursday, December 4, 2014

Instagram and Samsung Galaxy S5

I finally joined everyone else in this decade and got a smart phone!  I've wanted one for a long time, but because Bob can't have a camera at work (security reasons) and so we could save money on a cheap cell phone bill haven't gotten before last week.  The main reason i wanted one was for a camera.  I love not taking a separate camera around.  Of course I will still use by big nice Canon, but there are so many situations where a camera phone will be much more handy.

The whole think happened rather quickly considering I've wanted one for a looong time.  Bob seemed to be coming around and that day we found out about the deal Best Buy was doing where I could get the Samsung Galaxly S5, which has a great camera (the most important feature to me) for only $1 and get a $150 best buy gift card on top of that!  It was a great deal, although now I do pay about twice as much each month as I used to.

 So far I love it!  I got a cute case and put on fun ring tones.  I also think the fingerprint lock screen and the fact that it is waterproof are neat.
But my favorite thing is the camera.  I started an instagram account that you can check out and follow me here.  I took my first selfie and have been posting pictures of our elf Blitz.  I'll post all the pictures on her eventually, but if you want the live shots go to my instagram.  I'm really excited about it!

P.S. I added an instagram button on the right side bar just under my picture.

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DerrK said...

Now that you've got one, it'll be hard to do with out. ;-)