Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Redwood Forest Drive Thru Tree

We saw a lot of incredible views on the drive.
I have a picture of my family driving through a tree when I was a child.  I've told my kids about it and so they were excited to get to drive through a tree.  We tried hard to get there before dark and we just barely made it.
We had plenty of room to fit height wise but it was a very tight squeeze on the sides.  The coolest thing was that the tree was still alive!  It had lots of green and what looked like new branches up higher.
Bob drove through it first and when I told him I wanted to drive through too he wasn't so sure.  He thinks he is a better driver than me, but he isn't.

We got out and played around a bit.  The kids all wanted to walk through the tree too.

We had a great first day driving!  The kids all did well in the car.  Tucker said he wasn't feeling good and I didn't really feel well the whole drive either.  But no one threw up and it didn't seem like either of us was feeling that bad.  Bob drove the whole thing and we had a fun time.

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