Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sea World

While in San Diego we got passes to go to Sea World.  We can go as many times as we want but Bob has to work a ton so he can't go with us most of the time.  Luckily he went with us on our first trip.
Because Bob was there I wanted to focus on the rides.  Without him I can't really go on a ride and leave the too small kids alone to watch.  This roller coaster was so fun!  There was no line so we both rode on it two times.  Tucker even did it a couple times.  He was scared but we bribed him.
Everyone got wet on this next ride, especially Scarlett.  I kind of felt bad for her.
Not as bad as I did for Leon though.  He was the only one too small for the ride and he really wanted to do it.  There was no way I was going on this next ride.  I can't do the spinning ones or I will feel sick.

Watching the underwater animals was fun for the kids.
We also went to a few of their shows.  This is Bubbles, she is so cute!
We also did the skyride.  This won went up high and over the water.  It was a pretty view.

The animals there really are amazing!
I have definite mixed feelings about Sea World.  I can see all the good they are doing for the animals and they learn so much about the species that helps the animals in the wild.  But on the other hand these animals aren't really doing what they are meant to do.  They don't have a natural life.  Even though I'm conflicted we have a lot of fun there and will be going often.

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Talitha said...

I didn't know SeaWorld even had rides. Tucker looks like he's getting taller. Can't wait to come visit.