Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Coronado Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas event to go to in San Diego, but my favorite so far has been on Coronado.  They had lots of kids activities and the best part was that all of it was free.  The first thing we did was see Santa.  The kids were funny talking about the elves.  Before we got close they thought they were real elves.  They were talking about if they knew our elf Blitz or not.  Then when we got up close Penelope goes "Mom, those are just girls dressed in elf clothes."  Deep down she knows elves aren't real but I think they were still hoping.
They were giving out free cookies and hot chocolate.  Scarlett wasn't feeling well so she didn't want her cookie.  I've never seen her turn down a cookie before!  So I dutifully saved it for her in my purse and put it in a baggie at home.  Sure enough a few days later when she was feeling better she wanted her cookie.  She was even mad at me for eating one of her other cookies that she gave me because she didn't feel well.

They had this wheel where you could spin and win a prize.  Tucker got a Kazoo (he lost it that night), Penelope got a kite, and I can't remember what the other two kiddos got.
Next was face painting.  I love how still the kids will sit to get their face painted.  Why won't they ever hold still for me?
Leon didn't quite get the side pose, but it is cute.  Penelope was the first child to ask for a menorah, she told me she thought it was a birthday cake.
The decorated gingerbread cookies, and ornaments.
They also had bouncy houses for the kids to play in.  We only let them do one round of that because Scarlett wasn't feeling well and Bob didn't want her to throw up in the bounce house with the other kids.

The hightlight was the snow!  I love snow.  I'm not sure how they got it but we waited in a long line (about 15 min) to play in snow for five minutes.
It isn't the usual way to get snow but it will do for this year.  Tucker is going down a makeshift slide.

Next I tried to get a picture of the family with the San Diego skyline in the background but it was just too dark.
After that we headed to the other part of the town for the parade.  I've never been to a night parade before and it was pretty neat.  All the floats were lit up.  We had the best spot because we were right at the end next to the announcers.  Ended up the parade on a firetruck and they had a tee lighting ceremony.   Bob had to take work off so he could come with us.  He actually met us there half way through.  I think it was work it.  It was a great night!

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Gayle Daly said...

What a fabulous experience for your family there in San Diego. So many fun things to do. I'm so glad you blog because so much of these your little ones won't remember. Seems every family has a child who has tummy aches. Good thinking on Bob's part to not let her bounce much. Nothing worse than barfing in a bounce house full of kids!