Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Salt Lake City Temple Square

While in Utah we made sure we had time to tour temple square.  We've never taken the kids there so it was all new to them.  Our first stop was the conference center.  This was also my first time doing the tour.   The kids thought it was cool to be inside the building where the film conference.  We all took turns sitting where President Monson sits.  I was once again amazed at the size of the amazing building!

These were all the original paintings.  We have the small gospel art kit and are pretty familiar with the pictures, but seeing the real thing was pretty cool.

For those who don't know you can walk around on the roof of the conference center.  It is crazy how much weight that roof can hold.

After that we headed over to a visitor center.  Notice how Scarlett is crying in the next picture.  That is because while walking around the visitor center Scarlett stopped to watch a video and didn't follow us up the escalator.  We all went up to the Christus without her.  It wasn't until a few minutes in when I wanted to take a picture of all the kids that I realized we didn't have Scarlett.  Bob and I rushed to find her.  She was still at the bottom crying with a sister missionary.  I felt horrible.  It was a scary 30 seconds for me but a very scary few minutes for Scarlett.

Last stop was the Salt Lake City Temple.  Next time I go I really want to do a session there.  We were so busy on this trip though that we didn't even have time to see everyone I wanted to.  Penelope was in school and I wanted her to miss as few days as possible.

I love this last picture of our family in front of the temple!  One of my very favorite things about the gospel is knowing that we get to be together forever.

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Gayles Thinking Spot said...

This is the first time I have noticed that Scarlett is as big as Penelope.