Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Zion's Camp Day 2 & 3

While camping we spent a couple hours on their ropes course.  I wish I had more pictures but this one of Scarlett is it.  The kids and I did it first and then we all went back later with bob.  There was lots of climbing and balancing on ropes and beams.  The three younger kids needed help with almost each obstacle so you can imagine this took some time.  It was pretty fun though.  Made me once again wish I had a huge backyard where Bob could build fun things like this for the kids to play on.  The picture might be a little deceiving, Scarlett is about a foot and a half in the air.

Tucker also worked on the fishing badge.  This meant we spent about and hour learning about the local fish and fish laws.  Then some time learning about fishing poles.  Then over an hour trying it out and fishing.  I think we had five poles but no one caught a fish.  I'm ok with that.  I don't even know what we would have done if we caught one.

At one point during the hour I took a nap on the dock in the sunshine.
Camping can seem like a lot of work because of all the gear we need to bring.  Click the link to read an article about different camping duffle bags.

Both nights we were there we spend telling stories around the campfire.  Some were silly and some were serious.  S'mores are a family favorite!

At one point things got a little out of hand while I was telling reading a story of the internet.  I should have pre read the stories.  The kids were begging me to stop and Leon was even crying.  I really wanted to get to the end because I thought it would have a funny/ not scary ending.  And everyone would laugh and not be scared anymore.  I was wrong.  It had more of an open ending and all the kids were scared.  Tucker was especially scared and couldn't sleep well that night.  The pleaded with me the next night not to tell stories.  They said only dad can tell stories.  His are funny.
Leon tipped his lovingly named "Monkey Business" chair backward.  I think he was embarrassed because he didn't cry or anything.  He just laid back for a couple minutes half smiling.  Because he was just sitting there it was pretty funny for everyone else.  I helped him up and he didn't seem to care that everyone laughed.

We made sure to read the scriptures every night.  It just feels different reading them outside in the woods.

Our last morning we got up, ate, packed, cleaned, and went to archery.  I learned that I'm pretty bad at it.  Most of my arrows missed the target completely.  The kids even learned to ask dad for help instead of mom.  Tucker was on his own.  But for the other kids we did two at a time so Bob would help one child and they would do pretty well, while whomever got stuck with me helping happened to miss.

Then when the weather warmed up we went to the lake again.  This time I tried out paddleboard yoga.  Holy Moly it is HARD!
Tree pose I think is one of the easiest balance poses but I couldn't get it.  It took me a while to get this next picture and I was not holding still.  I probably had my leg up in that position for about half a second but somehow bob got the shot.
We had a great time camping.  I enjoyed it much more than our last trip this summer.  The weather made all the difference!

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