Monday, January 27, 2020

I love Grandma

Beatrix is our little Japanese baby, well, kind of.  She obviously isn't Japanese, but to us she is the closest to Japanese anyone in our family will ever be.  She even has some baby clothes with Nihongo writing on them. 
 We had no idea what they said and had to ask.  Apparently they say, "I love Grandma."
The Japanese style onesies are different than the American ones I'm used to.  They tie like a robe and only two buttons on the bottom.  I have to say I prefer the three buttons because her diaper keeps showing between the two button system.

She didn't like that I kept putting her back and then jumping away from her and pointing my phone at her.  I'm sure it was really confusing as to why I kept pushing her away and wouldn't let her crawl to me.

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